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Our People:

Abraham Lowenhaupt (1878-1958)
Jacob Chasnoff (1883-1977)
Henry C. Lowenhaupt (1913-1990)
Bernard Mellitz (1912-1993)
Owen T. Armstrong (1923-2000)
Jules Chasnoff (1927-2011)


Charles A. Lowenhaupt
Carolyn M. Ohlsen
Robynn D. Ragland
Alexander P. Fersa

All Attorneys are Members of the
American Bar Association

Legal Assistants

Barbara A. Ablan
Dawn M. Parks
Charles LowenhauptDawn M. Parks
Lowenhaupt & Chasnoff LLC
10 S. Broadway, Suite 550
St. Louis, MO 63102
(314) 345.8122 Phone

B.S., Valdosta State University, 2008

Dawn M. Parks joined Lowenhaupt & Chasnoff, LLC in March 2016. She has three years of experience as a paralegal, and more than ten years of experience as an assistant. Dawn earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies from Valdosta State University in 2008, with a minor in Political Science.

Memberships and Positions: Phi Theta Kappa and Pi Gamma Mu.