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Our People:

Abraham Lowenhaupt (1878-1958)
Jacob Chasnoff (1883-1977)
Henry C. Lowenhaupt (1913-1990)
Bernard Mellitz (1912-1993)
Owen T. Armstrong (1923-2000)
Jules Chasnoff (1927-2011)


Charles A. Lowenhaupt
Carolyn M. Ohlsen
Robynn D. Ragland
Savina N. Keaney

All Attorneys are Members of the
American Bar Association

Legal Assistants

Barbara A. Ablan
Megan V. Perney
Gail L. Smith

Charles LowenhauptMegan V. Perney
Lowenhaupt & Chasnoff LLC
10 S. Broadway, Suite 550
St. Louis, MO 63102
(314) 345.8126 Phone

Megan Perney joined Lowenhaupt & Chasnoff, LLC in 2017. She has past legal experience in a range of areas including civil litigation, medical malpractice defense and criminal and traffic case management with Saint Louis County Courts. Meganís education background is in Political Science, Organizational Studies and Business Administration.

Alma Maters: Lindenwood University and St. Louis University.